Cobb Students Share Grand Prize in Card-Game Design Contest

Over the summer, two Cobb Schools students learned about and entered a card-game design contest hosted by Legends of Learning and sponsored by Gamewright.

Over the summer, two Cobb Schools students learned about and entered a card-game design contest hosted by Legends of Learning and sponsored by Gamewright. The two students designed and submitted their game, ‘Save Humanity After the Pandemic,’ over the summer, and learned that it was selected as one of two grand prize winners in late July.

Legends of Learning is the leading game-based learning platform in the United States, covering K-8 science and math. They believe that board and card games facilitate learning through experience and play, and can accelerate students’ understanding. The company has over 2,000 curriculum-based games available with subjects as varied as fractions and cell structures.

Gamewright is a family game-maker of such favorites as ‘Slamwich,’ ‘Qwixx,’ ‘Forbidden Island,’ and ‘Sleeping Queens.’ Founded in 1994 by four parents who wanted great games for their kids, Gamewright has since grown its catalog to over 200 titles. Their games are designed to foster laughter, learning, friendship, and fun.

The contest was promoted by Cobb Schools’ STEM and Innovation Department and when Kyla Rose (8th grade, Lovinggood MS) and David Watts (9th grade, McEachern HS) heard about it, they began planning their submission. With their grand prize win, the duo will each receive $100 worth of Gamewright games and a chance to meet the Gamewright team to discuss and learn more about the game-design process.

Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor of the STEM and Innovation Department, is a big fan of contests like this one. “Students who participate in STEM-related competitions—in person or virtually—are afforded the opportunity to apply soft skills like creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking to solve authentic real-world problems,” Dr. Creel said.

Aside from being fun and competitive, contests like those offered by Legends of Learning are teaching and helping students to visualize the real advantage of STEM education.

“The criteria for Cobb STEM Certification,” continued Dr. Creel, “include intentional opportunities for students to participate in STEM clubs, teams and competitions which cultivate workforce readiness. Refinement of these practices is an invaluable asset in college and career.”

For more information on the Cobb Schools STEM certification program please click here.

For more information on other contests offered by Legends of Learning, please click here.

Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor
STEM and Innovative Practice

Contributing Author: Eric Rauch, Consultant, Strategy & Accountability

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