Hayes Elementary Music Students Team Up With Guest Artist

International artist Daria worked with music students at Hayes Elementary.

Christina Vehar, the music teacher at Hayes Elementary School, became involved in a very exciting and innovative project with a world-renowned guest artist. Her name is simply…Daria!

For the last two decades, internationally known folksinger, Daria, has traveled the globe learning, sharing, and making music while building communities and encouraging a new view of hope and peace for all the world’s children. In the United States, she has won national awards for her children’s cd’s, including a Parent’s Choice Award, a NAPPA (National Association for Parenting Publications) award, and a Children’s Music Web award. The songs she has recorded have been used throughout the world, most notably in South Africa for Teaching Tolerance curricula and in Australia with curricula on Respecting Others.

Ms. Vehar had introduced her Hayes Elementary music students to Daria and her work with creating songs from original texts. One student reached out to Daria and expressed how impacted they were by the lesson. Daria in turn contacted Ms. Vehar to explore a new project.  Daria asked Ms. Vehar and the Hayes students if they could help her create a song. As part of a recent week’s lesson, students learned a folk song from South Africa called “Here Come Our Mothers.” Daria asked the students to write new lyrics to understand the composition/songwriting process and contribute to the standard – which was so empowering for the students! After class, students submitted ideas to Daria through Ms. Vehar. Daria compiled the ideas into two songs, recorded them, and will be doing a world premiere of them on YouTube. One of the most exciting things is that Daria will be crediting those Hayes students for their contributions!

This exciting collaboration may serve as an inspiration for other teachers, even across disciplines, to partner with others interested in creating new art!

Joseph Woodruff, Supervisor
Performing Arts – Choral Music | Theatre | Dance

Contributing Authors: Christina Vehar, Hayes Elementary School

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