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Helping Families Plug into Resources.

 Special Education Parent Mentors’ website is a wealth of resources for families of children with special needs. 

Families in need of resources, disability-related information, extracurricular fun, and more will be pleased to know they only need to visit the CCSD’s Special Education Parent Mentors’ website to find a wealth of information at their fingertips. 

 What began as a simple list of resources has grown into a comprehensive, user-friendly website that houses everything from relevant educational and financial information for families of children with special needs to live links for organizations designed with these families in mind. Parents need only utilize the categorized drop-down tabs listed on the page to find what they might need, whether they are looking for necessary waiver information or an extracurricular activity for their child. 

“The website has so much great information for our parents,” says Karen Lewis, mom to Cyrus, a Lovinggood Middle School sixth grader. “The resources the parent mentors compiled are amazing — something every parent needs to know about.”  

 Parent Mentors Antoinette Nichols and Stacy Greene developed the website to include information they knew parents might need to access, like family or financial resources. Expert advice from CCSD personnel is available by viewing the VIP Presentations listed under the “Presentation Library” tab; presentations focusing on topics like instructional strategies, the IEP process, tackling challenging behaviors and others will be loaded soon.

 Recent updates to the website include the category of “Virtual Opportunities” for students and their families. Because many organizations and attractions have moved their offerings online, the mentors want to share that knowledge with parents so they can plug their children into fun activities during this time. 

To stay updated on new resources and community events, visit the website and social media outlets. 

 Antoinette Nichols:
Stacy Greene: 

Phone:  770-529-0046 
Facebook:  Cobb Special Education Parent Mentors 
Twitter:  @CobbSpedMentors 
Instagram:  @CobbSpedMentor


Stacy Greene and Antoinette Nichols
Special Education Parent Mentors


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