South Cobb Cluster Annual State of the School Meeting

South Cobb Cluster Parent Facilitators went above and beyond to digitize the annual State of the School Meeting.

The parent facilitators of the South Cobb Cluster worked collaboratively to bring their annual State of the School meeting to life in a virtual setting, proving that family engagement is possible in any circumstances.

Due to COVID-19, the South Cobb Cluster Annual State of the School meeting held virtually on September 10, 2020, at 6:30 via the Zoom Platform. Parent facilitators, Vatrina Kemp from Sanders Elementary, Cynthea Lester from Floyd Middle, Angela D. Price from Garrett Middle, and Sarah Klegin from South Cobb High worked collaboratively to have more than 90 participants.

Cynthea is the organizer. When it came to converting the paper sign-in and the evaluation forms into the electronic format, that is where Sarah and Angela shined. While Vatrina made sure that we had a translator for our non-English speaking parents.

The South Cobb Cluster parent facilitators continue to collaborate and support each other by having check-in meetings. These meetings are to debrief on what went well, what needs improvements, and any ah-ha moments. Additionally, there are prep meetings to ensure paperwork is completed correctly and even troubleshooting problems with scanners.

The parent facilitators of the South Cobb Cluster are adjusting to the new virtual setting. They have proven that with teamwork and collaboration, family engagement is possible and can be increased in a digital environment.

Laura Franco
Title I Academic Coach

Contributing Author: Angela Price, Academic Coach and Natalie Hutchins, Supervisor – Engage I

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