CCSD’s Elementary Physical Education Teacher of The Year

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt the excitement?

Ms. Adams makes her students feel this way each and every day. You will often hear students say that P.E. is their favorite class. She is a master of her craft which is evident in the fact that Kennesaw State University seeks her out each fall to train future PE teachers.

She is a leader in the district often presenting not only at local workshops, but also at state and national levels. She is eagerly sought out by new P.E. teachers due to her reputation as being one who willingly supports, mentors, and shares ideas and lessons to help them build their own programs.

Ms. Adams’ leadership, however, goes beyond the classroom into the community in her efforts to raise money for the American Heart Association. Over the past 15 years, she has helped raise over $750,000.00 in modeling to students the importance of helping others and giving back. The countless hours she has given to this organization include being on the State Board for Georgia and volunteering at events sponsored by the American Heart Association. She is highly respected, not only by the American Heart Association, but also by the entire Kennesaw community and Cobb County School District for her efforts.

Ms. Adams also took the lead in creating a K – 2 jump rope team. Each year, her team performs at various events, not only within the school, but out in the local community as well. As a result, Emily was honored with the Chancellor award by the Kennesaw Business Association.  Ms. Adams drive, passion, and commitment truly makes Cobb County Schools the best place to teach, lead, and learn.

Elizabeth Price Ed.S, Supervisor
Health & Physical Education

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