DreamBox Learning

An Engaging, Virtual Math Intervention for K-8 Students.

K-8 students in Cobb County have been enjoying access to an interactive, adaptive, self-paced program that provides engaging activities and virtual manipulative to learn and practice skills in mathematics.

For 6th graders in Enyinnaya Onyeukwu’s math classes this year, their introduction to middle school has looked very different. They began the year all virtual, a very different scene from learning locker combinations and class transitions. Also different for them are online classes and resources. Not only did they learn to navigate CTLS, but they also learned about a new software available in Cobb, DreamBox.

DreamBox Learning is available to all elementary students in CCSD and all middle schools have licenses for students requiring accelerated intervention. Students who consistently complete 5 or more lessons in DreamBox each week see significant growth mathematically as compared to their peers.

Now that some Mr. Onyeukwu’s students are back face-to-face in their brick and mortar classroom, they still have DreamBox available for accelerated intervention in math. While these times look and feel very different for so many, one thing we can all count on is having high quality resources available to help maintain the Cobb standard of high student success.

April Gywn, Personalized Learning Consultant
Assessment and Personalized Learning

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