Less Time Testing, More Time Providing Instruction & Feedback

Students in Georgia will spend less time on summative testing beginning this school year.

The GaDOE reduced testing time for statewide tests. This reduces testing time for students by a least 3 hours.

The GaDOE reduced the amount of time students will spend taking end-of-year statewide summative tests, allowing more time for instruction and formative feedback. All mandatory state assessments in English/Language Arts {ELA), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies have updated test designs:

  • All constructed response (CR) items have been replaced with technology-enhanced {TE) items in all Mathematics assessments
  • Some CR items have been replaced with TE items in all ELA assessments
  • The total number of points in all science and social studies assessments has been reduced
  •  Norm-referenced items in all content areas have been eliminated

*Reading and Evidence-based writing and narrative writing prompts will remain unchanged.

These updates result in at least a 3-hour reduct ion in test ing time across all fo ur content areas for all students. On average, students taking assessments in all four content areas will typically save 4.5 hours, or 2.25 hours in grades that assess Math and ELA only . Year-to-year comparability of results will not be impacted.

Melissa Sisk, Supervisor, Elementary & Middle School Assessment

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