Responsive Cobb Teachers Provide Innovative Learning Experiences

How do Responsive Teachers use Innovation to Engage their Students?

Cobb Teachers are finding new ways to engage their students using the CTLS platform. In preparing for a dynamic and meaningful learning experience, teachers must balance the shared synchronous classroom groups at the same time to ensure that every student is engaged in their own personalized learning.

Cobb teachers have accepted the challenge to be resolved, innovative and committed to engage every one of their students in the Shared Synchronous Instructional model (students in class face to face (FTF) at the same time with remote students).  It requires a great deal of commitment to be an effective teacher with either type of classroom, but to balance both FTF and remote at the same time with excellence is the optimal mission of our teachers.

Ms. Simmons, a Science teacher at Garrett Middle School, admits that it takes a lot of time, patience and planning, but she is making it happen for her students. In preparing for a dynamic and meaningful learning experience for her students, she starts with the Priority Standards, Learning Goals and decides the “Why, What and How” the students will need to know and understand and how she will determine if each are learning along the way.  In addition, to the essential content to be covered, she carefully considers how to engage her students’ curiosity and wonder.  She facilitates their learning experience with interactive strategies to build a collaborative community with another.  Planning activities so students have time to assimilate and critically think about what they are learning has helped to create a 4Cs culture in her classes (4Cs– Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity).

In the recent Synchronous Shared Lesson, How Does Earth Compare to Jupiter and Saturn?, the students participated in a teacher created lesson in Nearpod, watched a video clip from Discovery Education of the “Outer Planets,” and then collaborated with one another in a Discovery Education SOS strategy called “Two Truths and a Lie” on a teacher App called Padlet. The main lesson, video and the SOS strategy were all embedded on the Cobb CTLS platform for easy access.  The one stop shop capability of Cobb’s CTLS system allows for many different Apps and virtual resources to be integrated into one single lesson.

Students, teachers and parents are all learning to better navigate technological tools and systems during this challenging season, but one fact remains, our dedicated teachers are meeting the ultimate challenge of ensuring the success for each one of their students!

Cheryl Crooks, Supervisor
Assessment and Personalized Learning – Targeted Support

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