Hospital Homebound Changes with the Times

Shutdown in March triggers a redesign of HHB services.

COVID-19 has brought about some changes in how HHB students are served, but one thing is clear: Cobb still delivers!

Like all of Cobb County School District (CCSD), the Hospital Homebound (HHB) department experienced an overnight transition due to the COVID-19 shutdown this past Spring. When all classrooms went virtual, so did HHB. Moving from in-home visits to an all-virtual instructional platform is daunting, yet exciting. HHB is implementing more technology than ever before- not only in our instruction, but also in streamlining procedures for HHB.  We continue to support students by creating flexible schedules, applying more technology and engaging with new learning resources.

Hospital Homebound is a temporary academic service provided for students who are unable to attend school regularly for medical or mental health reasons. Students who are too ill to attend school and who are confined to the home because of a medical diagnosis still participate in learning through HHB. Our increased use of technology has enabled HHB instructors to accommodate students with unconventional treatment schedules and explore new ways of delivering instruction to those who are not able to engage in their regular classes.

While much has changed in a brief amount of time, one thing remains clear regarding HHB, and that is our commitment to serve students, families, teachers and schools. Our HHB teachers blend high expectations with an understanding of educating children who are ill. Together with school counselors, administrators, and classroom teachers, Cobb County remains the best place to teach, lead, and learn!

Alexandra Huguelet, School Counseling Consultant
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Dr. Sharon Lewis, Coordinator of Hospital Homebound

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