Making the Leap: Students as Creators Not Just Consumers

Compton Elementary students create digital content for authentic audiences.

Library media specialist Kris Cable wins a grant to help students create their own content.

Young children today watch online videos for many reasons, from learning to play guitar, to enjoying animal antics, to mastering dance moves and more. At Compton Elementary, library media specialist Kris Cable was looking to harness that interest in online videos to teach students to use video to document their knowledge, reflect on their learning process, and teach others how to do new things. Student-made videos are a natural fit for her Library Learning Commons.

Eager to pursue this project, Ms. Cable applied for and won an International Educational STEM Grant from the Atlanta Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). With this this $500 grant, Ms. Cable is creating a permanent production station in the Library Learning Commons that will allow students to bridge the gap between being consumers of media content and creators of media content. An iPad and a portable green screen will encourage students to be creative thinkers and share their voices.

All students will be able to use this video production station and upload their work. When students know their creations will be seen by an authentic audience – whether their classmates, parents, or the internet at large – they are motivated to do their best work. A long-term goal is to curate a collection of student-produced instructional videos that can be accessed by the whole community. With this authentic opportunity, students are striving to create, collaborate, think critically, and communicate as leaders. The production studio ensures they are gaining valuable experience in this lightning-fast digital age. Ms. Cable is excited that her Library Learning Commons can offer the tools students need to be digital creators!

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Holly Frilot, Supervisor
Library Media Education

Contributing Author: Kris Cable, Library Media Specialist at Compton ES

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