2020-21 Mathematics GHP goes virtual!

2020-21 Mathematics GHP goes virtual!

For the first time ever, Cobb GHP Mathematics students interviewed virtually on November 5 in hopes of qualifying for state interviews.

Twenty-three mathematics students from across the district interviewed with mathematics teachers for an opportunity to qualify for a state interview with the Governor’s Honors Program. We truly appreciate our math teachers that volunteered their time to interview students after school. A large number of students qualified for the first round of interviews at the state level. Students from Allatoona, Campbell, Harrison, Kennesaw Mt., Lassiter, North Cobb, Pope, Sprayberry, Walton, and Wheeler will be representing Cobb County.

Students interested in attending a summer learning opportunity with other mathematics minded students from across Georgia, completed district interviews in hopes of being nominated for the state level interviews. The nominated students go through an application interview at the state level. Applications that are strong with teacher recommendations, student involvement in school related math activities, and a genuine interest in expanding mathematics knowledge will be recommended by a team of teachers to continue with virtual interviews at the state level in February. From the virtual state interviews, students will be chosen to attend Berry College for the summer of 2021 (virtual pending) to experience higher level mathematics studies and investigations.

For more information, visit https://gosa.georgia.gov/governors-honors-program.

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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