An Apple A Day

Tritt Elementary Preschool gets busy during a STEAM activity.

The SNP class at Tritt Elementary continue to learn through STEAM lessons even during F2F/ Virtual instruction.

The Teacher at Tritt, Dr. Laushey does a combination of pre-recorded and live lessons that she uses with both groups at the same time. In this lesson on apples, the class answered three questions:

Does apple Juice come from apples?

What color are apples? And…

Which color apple makes the most juice?

In the past, this would be determined in a class lesson where the children taste and help juice apples. However, during this Covid season, Dr. Laushey videoed the lesson showing how juice is made from apples and she helped them to see that the green apple made the least amount of juice and the red and yellow apples made more juice that then green apple and they also made the same amount of juice. Students used the familiar Agent Action Object form of communication that they use during their story time to answer questions. In the picture, you can see one of the F2F students answering his questions in a page from what would be his STEAM journal.

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Dr. Kelle Laushey, Tritt Elementary

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