Helping CCSD Students Move Into Post-Secondary Life

How do we help create success for students with disabilities after they leave high school?

Cobb County School District Transition Services works to help students with disabilities reach their post-secondary goals.

Cobb County School District Transition Services strives to help students with disabilities gain skills and connections to post-secondary resources. Research has shown, that a strong Transition Program leads to more successful post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities.

Cobb County School District implements instruction for students who are of Transition age in a variety of ways. Transition Resource Specialists (TRS) provide support to every high school in order to help guide Special Education teachers, students with disabilities, and families of students in the creation of Transition Plans that help students gain knowledge about achieving their post-secondary goals. Each year the Transition Team collaborates with Marietta City School District to host and attend several “Transition Talks” designed to bring in experts in a variety of topics to help families prepare for life after high school. Examples of Transition Talk topics include Medicaid Waivers, Guardianship, Accessing Accommodations in College, SSI, Employment after High School, and more. The most recent Transition Talk focused on the variety of Transition Program for students 18-22. These Transition Programs utilize a variety of research driven instructional methods for students with more significant disabilities who need instruction in daily living and employability skills.

More information about upcoming Transition Talks, the Transition Resource Specialists, and CCSD’s Transition Programs can be found on the Cobb County School District Transition Services website.

Brenda Carter, Director
Special Education

Contributing Author: Kristin Pewitt – Coordinator, Special Student Services

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