Unstoppable Virtual Parent Resource Room

During an uncertain time, South Cobb High School wanted to make sure their parents were still able to access resources, even if they are unable to come in the building.

Family engagement is always at the forefront of South Cobb’s mission. Mrs. Sarah Klegin’s goal was making sure that parents could still be involved and have access to the resources that they need most, even if the school year wasn’t going to look the same.

New Parent Facilitator, Mrs. Sarah Klegin, started the school year knowing there had to be a way to reach parents effectively, and most importantly, digitally. Bitmoji classrooms are flooding the internet, and a few Youtube tutorials later, Sarah decided that a virtual Parent Resource room just made sense! She started compiling the most asked-for resources like ParentVue, CTLS Parent, and various learning resources for remote learning. She also provided links for parents to ask questions, request learning materials, or to communicate with her directly.

As the school year progresses, Mrs. Klegin is rotating out various rooms and resources in the Bitmoji classroom based on what is most needed at that time. For example, in the fall it may contain information about End of Course Testing (EOC) and the ‘Back to School’ choice.  In the spring, information about graduation and summer enrichment will be in the room. Sarah is looking forward to developing video tutorials of how to access certain resources in the room for parents to view, as well.

As part of professional development this school year, Mrs. Klegin will be delivering lessons on effective partnerships between parents, staff, and students. In unprecedented times like we are experiencing; parent involvement has never been more important in student success.

“Regardless of family income or background, students whose parents are involved in their schooling are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school.” -Henderson, A.T., and K.L. Mapp

Laura Franco
Title I District Academic Coach

Contributing Author: Sarah Klegin, Parent Facilitator, South Cobb High School

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