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Paving the way for our future Cobb educators.

Education is a professional field with the opportunity to effect generational change.  You probably can remember at least one of your teachers and retell a memory of his/her class.  Cobb County has partnered with our local universities to promote teaching as a profession to students who have demonstrated interest in the filed or who have skills in high demand in the teaching field.

In April 2017, The Cobb County School District (CCSD) accepted Georgia State University’s (GSU) Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department’s invitation to join the Equipping Schools, Communities, and Universities for Excellence in Language Acquisition (ESCUELA) federal grant.  This grant brings together partners from the metropolitan area collaborate with GSU including Cobb County Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Gwinnett County Schools, and Douglas County Schools on recruiting, training and supporting teachers for dual language immersion classroom settings.

While the grant includes many different objectives, one of the objectives of the grant is to “coordinate and mobilize efforts on behalf of Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion (DLI) teacher recruitment with community organization partners, including efforts designed to strengthen the ability of families to help their high school aged children make informed educational decision.”

To accomplish this objective, we have provided opportunities, in conjunction with Georgia State University, for seniors at Campbell and Osborne who are in Early Childhood Education Program, Spanish for Native Speakers classes, and upper-level English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes to observe DLI classes at Smyrna Elementary and to meet with an admissions representative from Georgia State.  Additionally, Georgia State hosts a Parent Night at each high school to provide additional information about their programs and provides Spanish-speaking interpreters.

During this year of COVID, we have had to change our delivery method, but we will continue to provide opportunities for students and parents.  We are working with Georgia State, Smyrna, Campbell, and Osborne to coordinate virtual visits to observe at Smyrna as well as meetings with the Georgia State admissions representative.  Concurrently, Georgia State is coordinating another Parent Night to provide additional resources to parents and students.

The CCSD World Languages Department is proud to be part of the ESCUELA Grant and to support the many opportunities it is providing for our students and teachers.

For more information about GSU Escuela Grant, click here :

Germán Suárez, Supervisor
World Languages

Contributing Author: Gregory Barfield, Program Specialist – World Languages

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