2020-2021 Cobb Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics

Mathematics teachers participate in virtual leadership professional learning.

In the midst of teaching students with shared synchronous instruction, mathematics teachers are participating in Cobb’s Teacher Leader Academy with interest in promoting quality mathematics instruction for all students.

Teachers from across the district continue to stay the course by being actively participating in the Cobb Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics! These teachers are exceptional, and they are experiencing virtual learning through the academy. Our teacher leaders are working on leading colleagues through the understanding of the Mathematics world of today, expanding upon teaching strategies with conceptual understanding, brainstorming and executing initiatives, and advocating for student and teacher voice in education. We are looking forward to this new version of collaboration completely online.

We are proud to announce the following teachers are in the 2020-21 Cobb Mathematics Teacher Leader Academy (from top left): Brittani Dennis (City View ES); Emily Folk (Sanders ES); Martha Haley (Due West ES); Nickey Ice (Walton HS); Julie Johnston (Russell ES); Lindsay Kovalsky (Allatoona HS); Courtney LaPonsey (Blackwell ES); Brian Lewis (Campbell HS); Jeni Mitacek (Argyle ES); Jamie Moyer (Campbell MS); Khutsana Pugh (Griffin ES); Earla Reece (Baker ES); Jakiya Robinson (Lindley MS); Mariah Simmons (Campbell HS); and Justin White (Kell HS).

Thank you to Texas Instruments for providing the CTLA Mathematics T-shirts for 2020-21!

Our teacher leaders teach 1st grade through AP Calculus. They all have a passion for mathematics instruction and student learning. Their passions include empowering students with their learning and empowering fellow teachers to strengthen their instruction, the implementation of the 360 Math Classroom, building a strong foundation for K-2 learners, mentoring new teachers, advocating for an equitable education for all students, promoting GCTM, collaboration, taking risks, and learning new ideas for mathematics instruction that promotes student learning. Learning for these leaders is daily and they enjoy discovering new techniques and resources that make mathematics become alive!

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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