Pumpkin Fun!

Pumpkin Fun for the 5 Senses.

Pumpkin Spice makes learning nice!

Ms. Reiko’s class enjoyed learning all about pumpkins! They created sensory pumpkin playdough both virtually and in-person. Through the use of all 5 of their senses, Ms. Reiko’s students were able to touch, smell the cinnamon and cloves being added, see the play dough, hear the play dough being made, and taste the pumpkin puree that went into the playdough. This multisensory approach allows for Ms. Reiko to reach every type of learner her class has.

After the students were finished making and exploring their sensory pumpkin dough, they headed over to work on their gross motor and balancing skills. They did this by balancing on the steppingstones through the shape pumpkin patch. The students used their math skills to identify the different shapes of the pumpkins in the patch. Ms. Reiko surely makes learning fun and engaging for all of her students!

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Reiko Spears and Ashley Stanton, SPNK – Teasley Elementary

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