Remote Roundup at Big Shanty

Big Shanty prioritizes support for students and families learning remotely.

Big Shanty’s Remote Roundup builds community with interactive, bi-monthly sessions that allow students learning remotely to connect with one another and gain strategies for successfully learning at home.

The CARE team introducing topics in the first Remote Roundup.

When teachers at Big Shanty shared concerns that their remote learners may need more interaction and social connections, school principal Dr. Kelly Luscre took the opportunity to create a leadership team called the CARE team to address these concerns. The CARE team, charged with supporting students and families learning at home, made plans to offer bi-monthly support sessions for students and families, called Remote Roundup.

Students voting on “good spot vs. not” learning spaces.

Feedback was gathered from families and teachers to develop topics for student and family support sessions and choose the optimal time of day for offerings. Once the times and days were set for the Remote Roundup sessions, the team took it one step further. Every family received a mailed flyer, along with a personal phone call from a member of the CARE team, inviting them to attend the first session. “The one-on-one connects went a long way with families, letting them know they were important and leading to even richer feedback,” stated Dr. Luscre.

Encouraging session attendance through Mystery reveals!

Over 126 students, 81% of students learning remotely, attended the first session. In between hands-on strategies about organizing learning spaces and keeping up with assignments (the top two greatest needs according to teachers), the leadership team played interactive games to keep participants engaged. One of the students quoted as they smiled and waved at another online friend, “I haven’t seen you all year. I’m so excited!”

Students got to match elementary yearbook pictures to the Principal and Assistant Principal.

This comment was powerful to the CARE team, leading to plans of student share outs to occur in future sessions. Families will also be supported over the next few months, with additional learning opportunities related to utilizing CTLS, self-care, and keeping learners engaged at home. With the dedication and intentionality of the CARE team to first understand the needs of students and families, and then deliver on those needs, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Kelly McNabb, Supervisor
Positive School Culture

Contributing Author: Kathleen Greb, District PBIS Coach

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