Spotlight on Math and Science

How do we get parents virtually involved in math and science?

Due to the current circumstances this school year, we needed to find a way to get parents involved with their child’s math and science curriculum. We created a virtual presentation for each grade level with easy to understand objectives and at-home activities.

During a typical school year, we would invite families to participate in a math and science night at school.  Families would have the opportunity to engage in math and science activities to learn about grade-level curriculum.  Due to the pandemic, parents could not come to school to participate in a typical curriculum night.  Therefore, we created a virtual presentation entitled Spotlight on Math and Science with at-home activities for students and their families to explore together.

The spotlight on math focused on problem-solving across all grade levels.  We included information about strategies students can use to solve grade-level word problems and links to other math resources.  Teachers also sent home grade-specific word problems for students to solve with their families.

We chose to spotlight the scientific method in the science portion of the presentation. A short video explained the scientific method, and additional links provided families with opportunities to further their learning at home. Teachers provided students with a simple and fun science experiment that allowed them to apply their scientific method knowledge.

The presentation, along with the at-home activities, provided students and families with the same involvement they would have experienced during a live event.

Laura Franco
Title I District Academic Coach

Contributing Author: Kristin Church, Paraprofessional/Teacher Aide and Amy Cole, Instructional Support Specialist

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