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Parent Mentors Roll Out Presentation Library.

Online videos provide tips, strategies to help fellow parents.

Need tips to navigate the IEP process or how to talk with your child about his disability? Are you looking for strategies to manage challenging behaviors or to help your student with academics? Cobb’s Special Education Parents Mentors have always hosted workshops to address topics like these, but now they have created an online Presentation Library loaded with “how-to” videos like these that parents and caregivers can access at their convenience.

“We have long recognized that parents need support on the home front, which is why our programming has always included workshops for parents,” says Antoinette Nichols, one of CCSD’s mentors providing guidance to those navigating special education. “We’ve brought our presentations online during these unique times to continue to support parents.”

Screen capture of CCSD presentation slide.

Facilitated by CCSD Special Education personnel, the presentations are housed in the Presentation Library on the Special Education Parent Mentors’ website: Parents have been sent links to this website and directly to the presentations via eblasts in the CTLS Parent Portal; the presentations are also promoted via the mentors’ social media sites (see handles below).

CCSD has long employed Special Education Parent Mentors, with Antoinette and her co-mentor Stacy Greene being in their roles for four and five years, respectively. Not only do they support parents of students in special education by connecting them to resources and personnel within the district, but they also have a wealth of knowledge about community resources and services.

Parents visiting the website can learn a little more about the mentors by reading the bios under their photos. Says Stacy: “We feel it’s important that our fellow parents understand that we identify with their concerns and questions because, we, too, have children with special needs. Our experiences steer us in not only determining presentation topics we know are relevant to parents but also help us to connect on a personal level with parents who reach out to us.”

If you want to connect with the parent mentors, reach out to them via their emails/phone number listed below.

Antoinette Nichols:
Stacy Greene:

Phone:  770-529-0046
Facebook:  Cobb Special Education Parent Mentors
Twitter:  @CobbSpedMentors
Instagram:  @CobbSpedMentors

Stacy Greene and Antoinette Nichols
Special Education Parent Mentors

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