A New Partnership Brings New Opportunity

A partnership between Special Education and CTAE has given opportunities to students.

The donation of equipment from CTAE to the Corporate Classroom Program gives students the opportunity to learn new work skills.

The Cobb County School District Corporate Classroom gives provides students who would like to learn additional employment skills the opportunity to learn and practice those skills in the professional environment of the school district’s Instructional Support Center (ISC). Students participating in the Corporate Classroom program have been selling pre-packaged food and beverages, making custom masks, and working on projects provided by different departments all year. Recently a new partnership has provided the opportunity for the corporate classroom to expand its services.

In a partnership between the Special Education department and the Career Technical Agricultural Education (CTAE) department, the Corporate Classroom program received a generous donation of an OKI Digital Transfer Printer and an Industrial heat press. The heat press allows them to create professional quality shirts and other cloth items. Since receiving the equipment, the Corporate Classroom Interns have been using it to create custom masks.  Beginning in February, interns will expand into printing bulk shirt orders for employees at the ISC. Corporate Classroom instructor, Katherine Stewart, shared, “This has been such a worthwhile and unique opportunity for the interns; in a short amount of time we have seen the interns take great pride in their work while developing increased self-confidence and leadership skills.”

The Corporate Classroom interns have the opportunity to manage all parts of the custom design process for masks, shirts, and other cloth products. The interns do design consultation, create designs, and complete the multi-step transfer process. Corporate Classroom intern Auguste Davis says, “I have learned communication skills by talking to our customers.”  Students participating in Corporate Classroom are even creating their marketing materials, including a commercial that will be debuting for ISC employees in February.

Kristin Pewitt
Coordinator, Special Student Services

Contributing Author: Katherine Stewart, Special Education – Corporate Classroom

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