Art is Therapy

Fair Oaks Art Fair Oaks Art Teacher, Terry Koerner, hosts art making experience for school staff.

With COVID preventing school staff members from meeting as a group for almost a year, feeling alone and separated from the larger group has become commonplace. Before the December school break, Fair Oaks art teacher, Terry Koerner, offered to host a Zoom art making experience for her school staff.

Teachers had the option to make a clay ornament or a clay bowl. Ms. Koerner distributed supplies and directions ahead of time and led the staff through an interactive, but safely separated, Zoom art making and morale building event. It was the perfect break to a challenging semester and teachers were given a chance to create and reflect on their own past artmaking experiences. Stories were shared during this hour of laughter and de-stressing while the social-emotional needs of school staff became the central focus.

Photos provided by Terry Koerner

This will now become yearly event, but teachers won’t have to wait quite that long as the products of their efforts have now dried and were fired in the kiln. Next, Ms. Koerner will lead the staff in glazing and finishing their clay artworks. All supplies were provided by Mr. Yoder, the Fair Oaks principal. This event highlights the importance of art education in our schools, where individually focused learning, experimenting, and problem solving are rewarded with a finished product expressing the learner’s unique ideas and experiences. Together, Fair Oaks staff members created personalized items through an innovative and collaborative event they will never forget.

Laura LaQuaglia, Supervisor
Visual Arts

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