CCSD Spelling Bee Abuzz with Excitement

CCSD Spelling Bee Abuzz with Excitement

On Tuesday, January 26, K-8 students participated in CCSD’s virtual spelling bee. Although the format was different than past years, the excitement was still abuzz among our outstanding spellers.

Ten spellers participated in the virtual bee. 31 rounds were conducted before the judges declared Neel Krishnan from Simpson Middle School our winner. These ten students made it to the final district round from their school and preliminary district bee:

  • Neel Krishnan: Simpson Middle
  • Eugenie Lim: McClure Middle
  • Madison Bull: Griffin Middle
  • Jeancarlos Reyes: Argyle Elementary
  • Arpit Ramani: East Cobb Middle
  • Gracie Dong: East Side Elementary
  • William Huggett: Lovinggood Middle
  • Aarsheya Gunjal: Daniell Middle
  • Jocelyn Doan: Dodgen Middle
  • Laila Muhammed: Hollydale Elementary

The regional bee will take place in February 2021.  Winners of the regional bee will advance to the Georgia Association of Educators Spelling Bee in March.

Join us in celebrating our top spellers!

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

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