ONE TEAM. ONE GOAL. – District PL Day – January 5, 2021

Engage. Educate. Empower.

Over 8,000 Cobb educators engaged in nearly 600 sessions for district-wide professional learning.

Once again, the Cobb County Academic Division provided high-quality professional learning during the semi-annual Learning Engagement Institute.

Over 8,300 Cobb County teachers, counselors, media specialists and other specialists participated in the day. This annual event was held 100% virtually across 17 content-based sites.  Cobb educators participated in 598 sessions that were offered by over 300 presenters — differentiated by content, grade level, and interest.To increase engagement for the day, participants were encouraged to share their learning and experiences on Twitter using the virtual photobooth (see image above). To see some of the highlights of the day, search for #EngageCobb on Twitter.

Session information is posted on the Learning Engagement website.

Stephanie Sanders, Supervisor
Professional Learning, Instruction & Innovative Practice

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