Cobb Intervention Teacher Finds Creative Way to Motivate Students

How can teachers meet the challenge of motivating students?

Motivating students to complete assignments on asynchronous learning days can be a huge challenge for teachers. One teacher decided to tap into their interests!

How can teachers meet the challenge of motivating students to complete assignments on asynchronous learning days? By tapping into their interests!

Kristi Parker, the Title I teacher at Varner Elementary School, was noticing that on the weekly asynchronous learning days, her 3rd grade students were struggling to complete portions of the System 44 program that she teaches. System 44 is a foundational reading program for the most challenged readers in Grades 3 and up that provides explicit instruction in phonics, comprehension and writing. The program consists of a blended learning model that incorporates whole/small group instruction, independent reading and software. On asynchronous learning days students are asked to complete 15 minutes of software.

In order to motivate students to complete their software time, Ms. Parker decided to look at her students’ interests. Her 3rd graders love their pets, so as an incentive, if students completed their 15 minutes of software, they could introduce their pets (or favorite stuffed animal) remotely to their classmates at the beginning of the next class. This challenge was met with great success! Students couldn’t wait to complete their software sessions and have their pets join them briefly in class via CTLS.

All across Cobb, teachers are finding creative ways to keep students motivated and engaged to ensure the success of each student during these challenging times.

Cheryl Crooks, Supervisor
Assessment and Personalized Learning – Targeted Support

Contributing Author: Cathy Goetz, Personalized Learning Consultant

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