Rosetta Stone Champions: Celebrating ESOL Student Success

Middle and High School ESOL Students Participate in the Rosetta Stone Winter Challenge

The ESOL/Title III Department recognized the efforts of middle and high school ESOL students for their progress towards building English Language Proficiency.

The ESOL/Title III Department takes pride in creating opportunities for our English Learners to thrive.  In doing so, one of our top priorities is to offer resources to promote language development and academic achievement.  This school year, Rosetta Stone has been used as a targeted resource to help our middle and high school students with remaining engaged in continuing to build their English language development whether learning in school face to face or remotely at home.  Rosetta Stone is a personalized language learning program that empowers students develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Using a combination of scaffolded instruction and speech recognition technology, Rosetta Stone is a powerful learning tool that allows students to reach increased learning outcomes.

To encourage our middle and high school ESOL student users, the ESOL/Title III Department organized our first annual Rosetta Stone Winter Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge was to promote increased usage of the program so students can continue to build English Language Proficiency (ELP) over time.  In recognition of their efforts, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place students who had the most usage were awarded with special prizes courtesy of Rosetta Stone.  The ESOL/Title III Department also acknowledged 13 additional students who received honorable mentions and provided them with personalized awards for their efforts as well.

We are excited to announce the winners of our challenge!  Congratulations to Floyd Middle School for having two students receive 1st and 3rd place and South Cobb High School for receiving 2nd place.  We also would like to send a special congratulations to the following schools who had students receive awards as honorable mentions: Campbell High School, Sprayberry High School, Osborne High School, McEachern High School, North Cobb High School, Griffin Middle School, and Durham Middle School.  Go team go!

Teachers were pleased with the efforts demonstrated by their students and were exited to celebrate them for their accomplishments.  “I could see their smile through their eyes,” noted one teacher.  “We certainly appreciate all of the support with engaging our ELs with language development,” indicated another.  The ESOL/Title III Department sends a special thank you to all of our participants and looks forward to providing continued pathways for our ELs to remain uplifted and acknowledged for their progress towards building English Language Proficiency.

Dr. Elizabeth Webb
Supervisor, ESOL & Title III

Contributing Author: Dr. Camelle Simmons, ESOL Consultant

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