Grant Winners

$10,000 Grant Awarded to the South Cobb Early Learning Center.

Cobb County Preschool staff uses innovation and collaboration to enhance multisensory learning opportunities for kids and families.

The staff at the South Cobb Early Learning Center submitted a written and video grant proposal to the Cobb Shark Tank Grant Committee in hopes of winning the grant for the development of a  sensory-literacy space that supports students’ academic, adaptive and communication needs. The equipment requested in the proposal aims to help students engage multiple senses, appropriately processing this information, and thereby connecting with content and the world around them. The initial design for the space included a stage, puppet theater, bubble tubes, tents, wall mounted letters stating the center’s vision and sensory floor cushions.

Using the information gathered from this team of amazing instructional leaders (Helen Walcott, Amanda Bailey, Angel Brewer, Dwana Cole, Mackenzie Wilson, and Patricia Holliday) the pitch was presented to the Sharks on February 3rd and their hard work, dedication, and ongoing collaboration paid off.  The Team’s vision became a reality when the Cobb Sharks awarded a $10,000 to the center.  This award will help ensure the materials purchased will truly benefit the students and provide them with a great foundation as they transition to kindergarten.

Receiving this grant now allows students at the SCELC to grow and flourish in a way that will impact their lives and those of their families and community for years to come. A great big thank you goes out to the phenomenal team of dedicated educators for using their unique skills to collaborate and create a space that aligns with our vision to help our students Learn. Speak. Engage. Everyday.

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Helen Walcott, Early Learning Specialist at South Cobb Early Learning Center

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