Transferring Math Fact Fluency from School to Home

Hendricks ES hosted a Virtual Math Night to support students with their math fact fluency.

Families were provided with math kits and family fluency games that could be played at home. Families learned about the fluency standards at each grade level and the Math Fluency Initiative. They engaged in Kahoot games geared at practicing strategies related to math facts.

Hendricks ES hosted a Virtual Math Night designed to explain Georgia Standards of Excellence Math fluency standards as well as the Math Fluency Initiative (MFI). Hendricks is one of the few schools who is a part of the district’s Math Fluency Initiative in grades Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, aimed at increasing student fact fluency.

Information was shared to help families have a better understanding of the MFI and the fact fluency standards associated with each grade level. To assist with their understanding students and parents played Kahoot games with questions and strategies used to assist with learning math facts. This in turn helped parents see in action what being fluent is. Families were provided with Math Night Kits that consisted of dice, playing cards, timers, white boards, and fact fluency games that could be played at home.  Winners of the Kahoot games received a math game from the Parent Resource Center.

Families were engaged. Parents left feeling confident in their understanding of fact fluency and with resources they could use at home to help their students.

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Laura Franco
Title I District Academic Coach

Contributing Author: Brandy Brown – Title I Academic Coach and Stephanie Jackson – Title I Parent Liaison

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