Teaming Up for Student Success

Cobb ELA Proudly Partners with Specialized Teaching and Learning.

Cobb ELA is proud to partner with Specialized Teaching and Learning to offer professional learning opportunities around balanced literacy instruction.

Walter Payton said, “We are stronger together than we are alone.”  This certainly is the case with the balanced literacy partnership and collaboration between the Cobb English Language Arts and Specialized Teaching and Learning Departments.  On January 26 and February 24, the two departments came together to provide Pop-Up professional learning sessions for teachers.

The engaging, interactive 30-minute sessions provided opportunities for teachers to gain effective teaching and learning strategies to support all learners.  Sessions included the following topics:  engaging all learners, multisensory strategies, Sketch Notes, constructing and deconstructing sentences/paragraphs, and masterpiece sentences.

This partnership further supports exemplary reading and writing instruction in Cobb.  In turn, this offers the best opportunities for all PK-12 Cobb students to grow as strong, confident readers and writers.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Author: Jen Shiers, English Language Arts Professional Learning Specialist

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