2020-2021 Cobb Virtual Math Challenges!

Ambitious Cobb County mathematics students compete in math challenges for merit awards in a virtual setting.

The virtual math challenge was developed by the Cobb County Mathematics Department to create a fun and competitive method for students to challenge their math problem solving expertise within a virtual format for 4th-12th grades. This challenge has been held during the weeks of November 16th, 2020 and February 8th, 2021. May 1st, 2021 will be the final math challenge date for the 2020-2021 school year.

Students take part in these challenges by completing the individual and team round. The individual round consists of 10 questions which are to be completed in 30 minutes. As for the team round, a team of 4-5 students will work together to answer 5 questions in a 10-minute time frame. No calculators are allowed for either round. Students have the chance to earn badges based on the number of correct answers that they attain.

Bronze Badge

  Silver Badge   Gold Badge

Individual: 5-6 questions correct

Individual: 7-8 questions correct

Individual: 9-10 questions correct

Team: 3 questions correct

Team: 4 questions correct

Team: 5 questions correct



In addition to the placement badges, students can earn a perseverance in problem solving badge, which is given to those who continuously work until they arrive to a solution, as well as the strong team collaborator badge which is given to those who work well with their teammates. For May 1st, 4 students from each participating schools from 4th-12th grades will compete for badges, just like the other past challenges. The participants will earn t-shirts and prizes sponsored by Cobb EMC.

Mr. Gabel from the Dodgen Middle School Math Team says that “This challenge has been a way for students to further their math ability and push forward our accelerated classes.”

The Cobb County Mathematics Department looks forward to seeing students participate in the May challenge. All schools will work the challenge at the same time and students will be recognized in a live TEAMs meeting event. We would like to thank our sponsors Cobb EMC for providing funding for out t-shirts, certificates, and prizes for the 2021 Virtual Math Challenge!

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

Contributing Author: Joseph Nguyen, Student Intern

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