The Legacy Project

What is your legacy?

World Language Teacher Leadership Academy participants prepare to leave their mark with the development of legacy projects.

Each year as part of the Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA) program, teachers from various academic areas come together to learn more about instructional leadership and apply this learning to a legacy project of their interest.  For the 2020-2021 school year, six World Languages teachers are participating in this year’s TLA, four from our Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program and two from our second language program at the middle and high school levels.  The legacy project’s main purpose is to create a positive impact in their school, cluster, or the entire district, while solving needs that are relevant to all stakeholders.  Although the district academic department guides the project’s process, the teachers a decide the topic and scope of the project.

Student Showcase: Two TLA participants have created a project called “Student showcase”.  In this project, participating students submit a video via Flipgrid in which they record themselves speaking Spanish on the topic of the month.  They started with students at the elementary level who participate the DLI program.  The top three students from K-1, 2-3, and 4-5, receive a recognition each month.

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Integrated Curriculum: Two TLA participants are creating instructional resources to accompany  2nd Grade integrated DLI social studies units in Spanish and English.  When finished, these resources will be incorporated into all 2nd Grade DLI classes, and will serve as a model for the creation of similar units in other grade levels.

Student Exchange Programs: Although COVID has temporarily halted all traveling and student exchange programs, two of our French teacher leaders are working on incorporating virtual exchange programs into their classes.  With the availability of online meeting platforms, our TLA teachers a working on setting up the framework to facilitate the process of virtual exchanges in their classroom and hopefully increase the number of exchanges in the rest of the district.

With a clear goal of creating and sustaining positive change, the World Language teachers participating in the Teacher Leadership Academy look forward to fully implementing their projects and sharing them as an example of how engaging instructional leadership is in the classroom.

Germán Suárez, Supervisor
World Languages

Contributing Author: Gregory Barfield, Program Specialist – World Languages

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