Cobb County Student Gets Musical Opportunity

Some Hillgrove High School students get the unique opportunity to participate in music therapy.

Music therapy for some Hillgrove High School students has kept them engaged and learning new skills during a difficult school year.

A few students at Hillgrove High School have been able to participate in a unique opportunity this year. Students in Grace Tagoe’s class and Kenneth Ling’s class have been doing music therapy once a week since the fall.

Perry Wright from TheraBeat, Inc. has been coming to the school once a week and bringing instruments, songs, dances, and fun for students who are face to face and remote.  Mrs. Tagoe shared about the experience this school year, “Every one of my students love music therapy. They’re engrossed for the full hour and participation is 100%. My students don’t just sing, dance, and play instruments. They also get to work on their socialization and communication skills. We all look forward to seeing Ms. Perry each week because the class is so much fun.”

Mrs. Tagoe’s students have enjoyed the experience as well. When asked to describe music therapy, a student named Kendell stated, “Music therapy is guitar, singing, and dancing. It makes me happy.” A student named Jacob also said that music therapy makes him feel happy. Even though she participates remotely, student Keshuna gave music therapy “two thumbs up” when asked about it.

When asked about her experience providing music therapy for the students, Perry Wright says she has enjoyed the experience, “The students and teachers are so welcoming and helpful. I love to see the students grow in their interaction with each other, build new skills, and have fun together.”

Kristin Pewitt
Coordinator, Special Student Services

Contributing Author: Kelly Buice, Special Education – Transition Resource Specialist  and Grace Tagoe, Hillgrove High School

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