Pop-UP PL with Storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy

Teachers were given a peek into the life of an author.

Teachers experienced Carmen Agra Deedy’s approach to storytelling and how it impacts the writing process. Teachers were inspired to grow in their own writing practices and pass on this to their students.

The Cobb ELA department is committed to providing engaging opportunities for educators to grow in their personal reading and writing lives.  During a recent professional learning session, Cobb educators were treated to an intimate hour with local, award-winning author and storyteller, Carmen Agra Deedy.

One teacher said, “Tears again.  I first heard you [Carmen] tell stories at Athens State University in AL with the Heritage Reading Council.  You told a story with your dad and a rose.  I went home and listened to all your YouTube videos.  Thank you for sharing your words and inspiring us.  I have shared stories with my children and my kids at school when we have read your books.  You inspire and connect, and you make us all want to be better.”

Carmen reminded teachers that “writers bring the outside and we [readers] have to bring the inside out.”  Cobb teachers embody this practice every day in their classrooms as they cultivate a lifelong love of literacy in their student readers and writers.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Author: Jen Shiers, English Language Arts Professional Learning Specialist

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