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Chenita Jarrett
Elementary & Middle School Assessment

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Elementary & Middle School Assessment

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High School Assessment

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Assessment & Personalized Learning Supervisor

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Supervisor K-12

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Gifted Learner Services (ES/MS/HS)

The Cobb County School District provides services for identified gifted students at all grade levels that are designed to meet the specific academic needs of gifted students. Cobb adheres to the rules and regulations established by the Georgia Department of Education for identification and service of gifted learners. (Click on Gifted Learner Services above for delivery model information.)

Talent Development (ES)

Gifted teachers may offer talent development services at some schools in order to address the needs of high ability learners and provide opportunities for all students to learn to think critically and creatively. Contact your local school for further information.

Whole Grade Acceleration (ES/MS)

Parents/Guardians of students who exceed current grade level expectations and standards may apply to have their child considered for whole grade acceleration (grade skipping). Local schools adhere to Cobb’s Board-approved acceleration policy to identify students whose needs cannot be met at their current academic grade level. Contact your local school for further information.

Advanced Content and Honors (ES/MS/HS)

Elementary students may participate in advanced content classes in English/Language Arts and Math; secondary grade students may enroll in advanced content/honors classes in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. These courses include more complex subject matter at an accelerated pace. The ALP department works with subject area supervisors to review and revise honors level curriculum. For questions regarding content curriculum, contact the content supervisor. Inquiries regarding qualification and placement for AC/honors courses should be directed to the local school.

Advanced Placement (HS)

Advanced Placement (AP®) courses provide high school students a college-level academic experience. The College Board partners with colleges and universities to develop an appropriately challenging curriculum, to create college-level assessments, and to train teachers to deliver instruction that meets college-level standards. All Cobb County School District high schools offer AP courses taught by College Board trained teachers.

Governor’s Honors Program (HS)

The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) is a four-week summer residential instructional program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year. Selection for participation in GHP is a competitive process which begins with local school interviews in September, followed by system level interviews in late October and early November. Cobb’s procedure mirrors the state GHP interview system with one date and one format for county level interviews. Please contact your local high school for more information.

Magnet (HS)

The Cobb County School District recognizes that students who demonstrate exceptional potential in a specific area may benefit from a specialized program. Cobb’s magnet programs allow high school students to pursue their interests, develop their talents, and extend their competencies beyond the usual scope of high school. Please see the Magnet website for details.

Move On When Ready (High)

Georgia’s new dual enrollment program allows high school students to earn college credit while working on their high school diploma. This new program makes it easier to take advantage of the available options to enroll in college courses while still in high school. Students must meet the MOWR/dual enrollment admissions requirements set by the participating postsecondary institution they wish to attend.  More information is available from the links below and your school guidance counselor.


Diane Rice
Supervisor, Personalized Learning

Ellen Novis
P: 770-426-3552
F: 770-429-5884

Accelerated Intervention

The Cobb County School District provides support for learners at all grade levels designed to meet specific academic needs in Reading, English Language Arts, and Mathematics. Cobb County adheres to the rules and regulations established by the Georgia Department of Education for identification and support of Early Intervention, Response to Intervention and Accelerated Intervention.

Early Intervention Program (EIP) (ES)

EIP provides additional instructional resources to help students who are identified as struggling learners obtain the necessary acceleration to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.

Accelerated Intervention Program (AIP) (MS/HS)

AIP is an instructional program designed for students in Grades 6-12 who have identified deficiencies in Reading, ELA, and Math. Local AIP programs provide structure for additional instruction to support struggling learners at the middle and high school level.

Response to Instruction & Intervention (RTI2)

RTI2 is a 4 tier system requiring problem identification and analysis, research based instruction, intervention, and progress monitoring. Data is used on a regular basis to monitor student achievement and progress with adjustment to instruction and interventions as needed. Support becomes more individualized and specialized through tier progression.

Summer Programs (ES/MS/HS)

Summer Programs Elementary/Middle/High The PLP Department supports local schools with Summer platforms such as Bridge Programs, Course Extension, Credit Recovery and High School Summer School.

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