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School Counseling Advisement Guide

Planning for Success

The Cobb County School District (CCSD) is providing this Advisement Guide to present academic and career information that students and parents will need throughout the educational process. Because the CCSD provides a comprehensive, developmental approach to advising students, the Guide provides important information including transitional information for students
• moving from Elementary to Middle School
• moving from Middle to High School
• moving from High School to Post-Secondary Education/Career

The Guide also provides links to websites a student might find useful while considering diploma options, high school course work, colleges and careers. If information you seek is not addressed by this Guide or if you desire to have more information, please contact your student’s professional school counselor.

High School General Information

Eighth to Ninth Grade Transition

School Counselor Intern and Practicum Guide

The Mission of the Cobb County School Counseling program is to assist students in overcoming barriers that impede learning. The goal of all Cobb County Professional School Counselors is to implement a standards-based comprehensive school counseling program that:

  • Includes a curriculum addressing the needs of all students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and career development
  • Provides specialized interventions based on identified student needs
  • Assists students in acquiring appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and communication skills to promote healthy relationships
  • Enhances the ability of students to identify and utilize the appropriate resources needed for post-secondary success
  • Creates positive relationships with students fostering personal growth, service to others, and academic achievement
  • Advocates for all students encouraging them to develop to their fullest potential
  • Encourages counselors to consult and collaborate with other educators, parents, and community on behalf of all students

The Role of a School Counselor

Mindsets & Behaviors: School Counseling Standards for Student Success

School Counseling Internship Program

The Office of School Counseling is excited to invite prepared school counseling interns to complete a practicum and/or an internship in the Cobb County School District! Our School Counseling Internship Program has been developed to assist CCSD school counselors in partnering with an intern in order to positively impact student achievement while exposing future counseling professionals to evidence-based academic, social/emotional, and college and career programming within CCSD.

For students planning to begin practicum/internship in the:

Fall (August-December)–  The application deadline is:  April 1
Spring (January-May)– The application deadline is:  November 1

***This is a year-long internship with the Cobb County School District. You need to commit to spending your entire year in Cobb County.

School Counseling Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in the CCSD School Counseling Internship Program! Before registering, please review this guide in its entirety, so you can successfully complete the eligibility process. Registration includes three separate steps which will ensure CCSD schools have qualified school counselor interns working with students.

Step 1: Apply as a School Counseling Intern

Prospective interns must complete the online CCSD School Counseling Internship Application, which requires general student information.

For students planning to begin practicum/internship in the:

  • Fall (August-December)
    • Deadline:  April 1
    • Application Window: March 1-April 1
    • Apply Here (Link only available during the application window)


  • Spring (January-May)
    • Dealine: November 1
    • Application Window: October 1-November 1
    • Apply Here  (Link only available during the application window)


Prospective interns are strongly encouraged to complete registration as early in the window as possible. Once registration is completed, CCSD will review. ***Interns may concurrently begin Step 2 & 3 of the process. 

Step 2: Contact the Cobb County Office of Human Resources

Perspective interns must complete an application with Ms. Brandy Hunter. Ms. Hunter can be contacted at: The following forms must be completed and submitted to Ms. Hunter.

  1. Fingerprinting/Background Check Consent Form
  2. Confidentiality Statement
  3. Non-Criminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights
  4. Professional Code of Conduct Form
  5. Request for Student Teacher Placement

Step 3: Additional Requirements

1. Obtain a professional liability insurance policy of at least one million dollars per occurrence or claim. Maintain a proof of insurance for your records.

Step 4: Receive Approval

After CCSD reviews the completed application components from Step 1-3, prospective interns will be sent the Report to Service notification. Report to Service is an email notifying candidates that they have been approved to report to their CCSD placement site. Most interns will receive this notification in July (fall)/December (spring).

  • Students must present their Report to Service notification to the approved site supervisor on the first day of the internship term.
  • Prospective school counseling interns who have not received a Report to Service notification may not begin interning and must work with their university coordinator and CCSD to receive clearance.

Learn how to recognize signs of Mental Illness:

Dr. Melisa Marsh

Janet Brannen
P: 770-514-3832

Alexandra Huguelet
School Counseling &
Advisement Consultant


Dr. Patti Agatston
Crisis Response Coordinator

The Coalition of treatment providers is comprised of therapists and treatment centers that provide a one time free assessment to Cobb students and/or employees, and their family members.  The coalition meet twice per school year to discuss current trends regarding mental health as well as prevention and intervention services and programs being offered in the Cobb County School District and/or the surrounding community.

Coalition Application

Coalition List (PDF)

Coalition List (Excel Document)

CCSD school counselors will provide comprehensive school counseling services that are equitable, data-driven, and developmentally appropriate. CCSD school counselors also contribute to a school culture where students feel included, safe, and supported, and advocate to remove barriers to student learning.

Students will be college and career ready, meeting their academic and social/emotional potential, while contributing to their communities and thriving in an ever-changing global society.

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One of the most exciting times in the lives of students is preparing to transition to high school. It is hoped that this resource will be used as a tool to help you begin preparing for the transition process with less anxiety. Use this resource, the advice of your counselor as well as other outside resources to make an informed, well-directed decision.

Welcome to Elementary School

Michelle Stevens

Kemp Elementary School

Cobb School Counselor Association

2016 Elementary Counselor of the Year


Going back to school after summer break brings many emotions for parents.   Parents might experience sadness because their children seem to be growing up so quickly and/or that sinking feeling that we now have to get up every morning.  There is also happiness because parents do not have to entertain these kiddos all day.   Additionally, fear creeps in because we wonder if our students will be happy and successful this school year.  Yes, going back to school brings many mixed emotions; however, parents and children can conquer these back to school jitters with some helpful tips.

Establish a Routine

First, establish a routine. Having a daily schedule for mornings and after school hours will help children perform better while at school. Some key components of this schedule should include a specific time for doing homework, playing, and preparing for the next day.  Picking out clothes the night before as well as getting the backpack ready will make a much easier morning.  Preparation the evening before will decrease last minute running around and morning arguments that can be easily prevented.  Ease back into a school routine by beginning the schedule the week before school actually begins.

Open Communication

Another helpful tip is to keep open communication with your child.  Just as parents have feelings about the start of a new school year, so do the children.  Therefore, take the time to ask them about their day.  Asking open ended questions such as, “Tell me about your friends” or “Tell me something that your teacher did today” can open the floor for discussion. Avoid asking yes or no questions because the conversation will quickly be over.  Giving your child the chance to share fears, worries, and things that they are excited about will give them the opportunity for a positive school experience.

Connect with Friends

Connecting with friends will also be helpful for your children.  Peer relations are vital to students feeling comfortable in the school setting and their academic success.  Setting up play dates with familiar friends will assist in the students feeling relaxed in the new classroom setting.  If possible, connecting with new classmates prior to the start of school is ideal.  Going to the school’s sneak a peek prior to the first week of school will give your child a chance to meet his/her teacher and classmates.

The beginning of school can be a very exciting time; however, it can bring anxious moments for students and parents.  Utilizing these helpful tips will alleviate these fears and make the transition from summer to school less anxiety provoking and more positive for everyone.

Connect with the Teacher

While sneak a peek is a great time for your child to meet his/her classmates, it is also a perfect time to start building a relationship with the teacher.  Parents will be able to get vital information regarding classroom routines, teacher communication, and general school procedures.  Keeping open communication with the teacher is key to a successful year both academically and emotionally.


Connecting with the School Counselor

The school counselor works with students in a variety of ways.  All students will see the school counselor in core curriculum lessons that address the social/emotional, academic and career domains.  In addition to these lessons, the school counselor also offers small groups and individual counseling in order to remove any barriers that are impeding the students’ learning.   Many times, school counselors will conduct new students groups for students that are new to the school.  These groups are helpful with the transition.   Parents can stay connected with the school counselor by consistently checking the counselor’s blog. This information will allow parents to see the wonderful lessons that the students are receiving and to reinforce these skills at home.  The school counselor is always readily available to help students or parents with any concerns they may encounter.


The beginning of school can be a very exciting time; however, it can bring anxious moments for students and parents.  Utilizing these helpful tips will alleviate these fears and make the transition from summer to school less anxiety provoking and more positive for everyone.

Welcome to Middle School

Lara Salzman

Hightower Trail Middle School

Cobb School Counselor Association

2016 Middle School Counselor of the Year

The transition to middle school can be exciting but also overwhelming for your child.  These transitional years mark a time when your child is inundated with environmental, social, emotional and physical changes. A smooth transition through middle school will be one of the keys to helping your child be successful.  The following areas are important to help with this transition.


Organization is one of the most challenging tasks when beginning middle school (more materials, locker breaks, changing classes, etc.).  Help your child develop a system for organizing his/her notebook.  Teach your child how to master big projects by breaking them down into smaller ones. Encourage a “neat” locker and book bag to prevent being late to class.  Teaching your child to plan each day, to keep up with homework, and to learn self-discipline strategies is important to motivating your child to become more responsible.

Parent Involvement

While it may seem to be a natural progression to allow your child more independence, your involvement in middle school years is still important!  Parents’ involvement in their child’s education has a positive impact on attendance, grades, behavior, and motivation.  Parents are encouraged to

  • volunteer in the classroom or school,
  • participate in PTSA meetings/activities,
  • attend concerts/performances at school,
  • check teacher blogs,
  • have daily conversations with your child about the school day,
  • maintain communication with teachers via email,
  • get to know your child’s friends, and
  • get to know your child’s school counselor.


Your child should spend an average of at least one hour per night on homework. Most teachers use blogs and update assignments.  Take advantage of school issued agendas to track homework and projects.  Helping your child develop strong homework habits will build the foundation needed for success throughout your child’s educational journey.

Social Changes

Making new friends is one of the many experiences your child will encounter.  Encourage your child to branch out and meet new friends by being involved in school activities.  Have him/her join a team, club, or other extra-curricular activity and attend after-school events.  Talk to your child about social skills and traits that make and keep good friends.  Take the time to meet your child’s friends and encourage an open relationship to discuss peer pressure with your child.


Making the transition into middle school is the first and one of the important steps to securing a successful middle school experience. It is one that deserves time and attention.  The good news? Your child is ready. With your support, your child will rise to the challenge.

Welcome to High School

Courtney Courtney

Osborne High School

Cobb School Counselor Association

2016 High School Counselor of the Year

It is time to return to school from summer camp, family vacation, summer employment, or just relaxing at home. The new school year is commencing. While this is a very exciting time, it can also be an emotional transition for both students and their parents or guardians. Students are nervous to get back in the swing of classes, thrilled to see old friends, anxious to make new friends, and stressed about getting back into their school year routine. Similarly, parents and guardians often experience their own set of emotions during this time including helping their child get back into the necessary routine, which we all know is never easy, getting organized to ensure no meeting or event is missed, and preparing emotionally for their child to grow one year older and one more step towards the future.

Whether you and your child are experiencing those butterflies in your stomach due to excitement or worry, take a look at these handy tips to help you prepare for a great school year and know that every individual at your school is here to help!

Tips for the High School Student:

  • Attend the Back to School Event.Check with your school to see if they host a back to school event and be sure to attend! This is usually where you can get a copy of your schedule, sign up for clubs, meet some of your teachers and your school counselor, and, of course, see those friends and classmates you haven’t seen in a while. What a great way to kick off the new school year!
  • Mark Your Calendars.Be sure to make note of important events that are happening at your school and in the local area. Look for things like Educational Nights, College & Military Fairs, Job Fairs, and, of course, the various fine arts and sporting events that will allow you to show your school spirit. Planning ahead will prevent any stress from last minute meetings.
  • Join a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).This is a great way for your voice as a student to be heard and it gives you the opportunity to take on a leadership role within your school.
  • Get to know your school counselor! School counselors are a great resource for you and will be able to help you throughout your high school career in completing your academic schedule, planning for your future, and providing emotional support and counseling if needed.
  • Get to Work on Your Future!In addition to working with your school counselor, you should be using your time to prepare for your post-secondary plans. Whether you are planning on attending college, joining the military, or entering the workforce, there are steps you should be taking now to prepare.
    • Keep Your Grades Up!This begins the moment you step foot in your very first high school class. Every class and every grade matters. Regardless of your plans after high school, you want a good GPA to help you stand out and show what a great student you are to whomever is looking. A good GPA comes from good grades, so work hard.
    • Connect With Your Teachers.While your teachers cannot do the work for you, they are here to help you. Reach out to them if you need the help.
    • Take Advantage of Your Opportunities.Be sure to attend tutoring if needed, step up as captain of the team if the position is open, or request to be a leader in the school and do the morning announcements over the loud speaker. Anything that can provide you a leg up, take advantage of the opportunity.
    • Get involved!Your school has plenty of clubs, sports, and other organizations available to you. This is a great way to meet new people and build a strong resume and college portfolio.

For the Parents/Guardians of High School Students:

  • Attend the Back to School Event.Check with your school to see if they host a back to school event and be sure to attend! This is a great opportunity to get to know the staff who will be working with your student as well as find opportunities for your student or you to get involved in the school.
  • Check the Calendar.Check the school’s calendar and make note of important dates and events. You don’t want to miss opportunities to voice your opinions or gain information about graduation requirements or how to help prepare your child for their post-secondary plans.
  • Join the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). These organizations do so much for the school and provide you with an excellent venue to help improve the school, support students, get involved, meet new people, and really make an impact.
  • Update Contact Information. Make sure that your contact information (i.e. phone number, address, etc.) are correct in the school’s system so as to not miss any information that is sent home
  • Sign up for Synergy Parent Access.This is a great tool to use to keep up with your student’s grades and attendance, as well as a direct means of contacting your student’s teachers.
  • Get To Know the School Counselor.The school counselors are a great resource for you and your student. They will be able to help with college and career counseling, academic counseling, and any social/emotional support that your student may need. They will also be scheduling meetings for you and your student to attend, so why not go ahead and help build that relationship! J
  • Get Involved!The more involved you are at your child’s school, the more support you will be able to provide for your student in their education.


Whether you are saddened by the thought of not having your child to hang out with during the day or counting down the hours until they get on that yellow school bus, remember that it is a new year. A new year means a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to make this year the BEST year.

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