The Cobb Teaching and Learning System is a digital learning environment which precisely identifies what students know, supports student learning, engages parents, and empowers teachers with one goal: Student Success.

The CTLS Network
CTLS Assess

How do we determine what our students know?
To ensure student success our teachers must discover what our students really know. Students are able to demonstrate mastery of standards and teachers are able to make individualized instructional decisions.

CTLS Parent

How do we communicate to, involve, and engage our parents?
Students are more successful in the classroom when parents are actively engaged in their student’s learning. Using CTLS, parents will be able to know more about their students and be a daily part of their educational experience.

CTLS Teach

How do we save teachers time?
The teacher is the most important piece of the classroom and they play a vital role in securing student success. Teachers are prescribed high-quality instructional content which is aligned to standards.

CTLS Learn

How do we create a digital learning environment that informs student learning and provides meaningful interaction with a teacher?
A Learning Management System (LMS) can be an invaluable tool for student learning when put in the hands of a high-quality teacher. CTLS Learn will be that invaluable tool.

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